Flower Meanings

Years ago I was browsing an antique store in Scituate (I don't think it exists anymore) and found a tiny book called 'The Language of Flowers'. This book boasts over 700 traditional and suggestive meanings of plants and cut flowers. It was written and illustrated by a man as a 50th wedding anniversary gift for his wife in 1913 and has since been reproduced and printed with the family's permission. 

We all associate flowers with how they look. I know many people associate fragrant lilies with funerals and carnations as outdated and cheap. The sentiment behind the flowers can be totally different than what you think they mean. Did you know carnations signify happiness? Whether you're a fan or them or not, it's an interesting tidbit of information. And now I'm sure you will remember that forever!

Below is a list of flowers from A to Z with their meanings:
aster: delicate love
bittersweet: truth
chrysanthemum: optimism
dahlia: elegance
evergreen: poverty
freesia: innocence
gardenia: ecstasy
hydrangea: devotion
iris: passion
juniper: protection
king cups: desire of riches
lily of the valley: return of happiness
marigold: grief, despair
narcissus: egotism
orchid: comfort, luxury
peony: renewal
quince: temptation
rose: love
star of Bethlehem: purity
tuberose: dangerous pleasures
veronica: fidelity
wisteria: I cling to thee
xeranthemum: cheerfulness under adversity
yew: sorrow
zinnia: happiness

Which meaning do you think is the most interesting? Have a favorite flower we didn't mention? Leave a comment below and we'll find the meaning for you!

Enjoy the rest of your week! And live your best life!
I wonder what the flower associated with that is?