New Year, New Me

Business is booming, baby! January has been non-stop as predicted with inquiries pouring in. Our days are filled with calls and consultations and making an effort sending out proposals in a timely fashion. We're watching our calendar fill up quickly with excitement to be working with so many great couples! YAY! Aside from the biz, we have been planning on a Russo Fab makeover in the next few months.

 You can expect to see a change first here on our website. When we started Russo Fabulous we wanted not only for our work to shine but to give our clients and opportunity to get to know who we are. As you know the first thing you see is our blog which focuses on our wedding florals and helpful tips for wedding planning with an occasional check in about our personal life. In the near future will solely focus on our wedding and event floral design business. But don't fret blog readers! After polling our fans and followers, it was an unanimous decision to keep the blog. We will be creating a fun, floral focused lifestyle blog that will allow you to 'stop and smell the roses' and encourage you to live your best life. I am so excited to expand our audience! Make sure to keep checking back and find out more deets as they're released!

Did you know that this Valentine's Day is my FIRST one in 12 YEARS where I will not be hustling roses? That's right! Can I tell you a secret? I miss it. I miss designing bouquets and vase arrangements. I miss helping customers pick something special out for their honey. I miss the caffeine and snack food bingeing. Our goal is to have Russo Fabulous pop-ups this year. I want to be able to offer our community and clients something special and unique for the holidays. I want to collaborate with fellow small business. Our 'Winter Elegance' was such a success that we're ready to take it to the next level. We hope to launch our first pop up this spring.

Then there's the fun little things like a new logo and fresh business cards. 

After we roll out the new website we're going to (finally) send out a newsletter. Once a month you can get the scoop on what's new and what we're up to. And once a month because I know how annoying it is to get an email every other day from retailers. I promise it will be short and sweet and make you smile!

I hope 2018 has brought you nothing but inspiration, positivity and happiness. If you set resolutions I wish you all the strength to keep them going! If you're making a change in your work or personal life I wish you all of the best! We always joke about how this new year will be the year and laugh about previous years could have been better. It is mind blowing that January is almost through but no stress- there are eleven more months of opportunity for you to take charge, live your best life and set the standard for years to come. Truth!

Until next time flower friends,