Pics or it didn't happen.

Bold statement but it had me thinking- I do not take enough pictures of my work! I can tell you until I'm blue in the face that I have designed the most elaborate ceremony arch right on the water on a perfect summer day. "Can I see a picture"? In my head I say "No because I was tired of looking at it for so long I just wanted to finish setting up the centerpieces". All too often I forget to take photos of my work.

I recently dug out my old (5+ years) digital camera. It could probably exhibit in a museum but still takes great pictures for an amateur like myself. My LG G4 phone which I lost tragically a few weeks ago, had all of my photos from farm tours, some wedding work and selfies with family/friends. Breaks my little heart that they're gone and lost forever on a phone that refuses to turn on. *Insert sad crying emoji* I am all set with losing any future photos again so I am making it a new habit to use my little Sony camera again!

Yesterday me and one of my best friends set out for brunch in the South End of Boston. We enjoyed our eggs benny al fresco then made our way to the SoWa Open Market. If you aren't familiar, SoWa is the ultimate outdoor farmers market in Boston. Not limited to local farmers, you will find artists selling handmade jewelry, pottery, prints, everything you can imagine. Aaand the yummiest local treats (popsicles, macarons and beef jerky OH MY) and famous Boston food trucks! SoWa runs every weekend from April to October. Look how fun it is!


We walked around the city taking photos against all of the brick buildings and in front of fall themed window boxes. As I pretended I understood lighting, I felt excited that this little camera is going to be my new favorite hobby. I admit I need to work on the original selfie. Remember when we had the person with the longest arms held the camera out to take a picture? Yea, that. I wonder if they make selfie sticks for digital cameras..

Take more pictures. To remember the beautiful moments where time feels like its stopped and your heart is warm. To laugh at so hard it hurts with friends ten years from now. To show a potential bride what you can do. Go the extra mile and get prints of photos (yes, still a thing) and snail mail them to your friends or family. You won't believe what a great surprise and how happy that makes people!

I want to personally thank forever and ever all of the talented photographers that share their work with me! Thank you for taking beautiful photos of my work. I hope someday I can be as patient and skilled as you all.

Happy Monday! Take some pics and show off that amazing life you live.