Everyday I'm Hustlin'

Because after two weeks of starting at a new job, it's totally cool to take a ten day vacation.

Kicking off vacation by rolling out my handmade bouquets available for sale! My friend Anna (owner of Giorgiana's) has been dying to sell flowers in her store and I am so excited that we worked together to make that happen. I designed two different bouquets for sale. For $15 bucks you get the freshest, most beautiful flowers, handmade by ME! They are "wicked cute". Honestly! Truly! If you happen to be in the South End of Boston, swing by Giorgiana's at 532 Tremont Street, treat yourself to some amazing food and a Russo Fab bouquet!


... so yes I definitely went by the store later that night to see them, like the proud flower mama I am.

For the rest of the weekend I will be doing family things with boyfriend in tow and trying to catch up on emails, proposals, business things. Next weekend I have the COOLEST bohemian chic wedding. Lots of texture, greenery, succulents (!), geometric containers, baby blue linen suits (seriously), different colors bridesmaid dresses (I AM SO EXCITED), I can keep going. That's next weekend. Peep my Instagram for pics when it all comes together!

On Monday I fly out to Chicago for three days to attend the 2017 International Floriculture Expo! I am beyond excited for this. Chicago is one of my favorite cities in the world. Between going to every rooftop bar/restaurant and stuffing my face with deep dish pizza, I am going to attend all of the education sessions and meet as many industry people and designers. Stay tuned because I know I will want to share all of the things with you!

Have the best weekend! Live your best life!