What's The T?

With a little over a month off from blogging there is SO much I have to fill you all in on!

After 5+ years running a retail florist, I am excited to start my new job as an (official) designer at a well established florist in Boston! New job nerves aside, I am looking forward to taking my talent to a new level, learning new techniques from other designers and seeing how a successful shop runs on a day to day basis! I had a 10 day vacation planned when I gave my two weeks, so before I knew it I was DONE! On Tuesday I will be in my new home.

Having a vacation before starting a new job has been the MOST fun. I suggest everyone to do so if you can. Every day has been action packed, starting off with a day hiking with Boyfriend in New Hampshire. This was my first time hiking and I had no idea what I was getting into. I was more concerned with when we could eat all the snacks and not getting mud on my running sneaks. The weather was perfect. The hike wasn't too scary. As we reached the end, Boyfriend made me close my eyes and guided me up until the big reveal.

Yup. That's real. If you know me at all, then you know I am super emotional. So I started hysterically crying because of this breathtaking view / my heart was going to explode / feeling the most accomplished. I wish you could all see this view in person. It is unreal!

Next stop was Martha's Vineyard to run a half marathon with my father and younger brother. At the beginning of year I signed up to do the full marathon, but with the winter weather sticking around until the early spring and my refusal to train on a treadmill I had to take it down a notch. A legitimate 13 miles less notch. And good thing I did because I didn't even run three weeks prior to this race! Woo hoo! Finishing at 2 hours 4 minutes wasn't the worst time all things considered.

All fun thing aside I was still on my grind. Friday I did the florals for my "little sister" 's wedding at Jones River Trading in Kingston, MA. Stay tuned for that #BestDayEver post as soon as I get the professional photos! One of the things I love about my job is making the bride's dream come true. This one being especially special, when Talia saw her bouquet, it was very real that she was becoming a Mrs. And here I was happy crying again! Below are just a few shots of everything.

It was my first official Russo Fabulous wedding. I am the MOST excited for all of my 2017 Russo Fabulous brides. Every one of them in unique and special in their own way!

I am back! I plan on working on everything Russo Fab today. Going to make a Facebook business page, draft up a #BestDayEver post for you all tomorrow and send off wedding proposals.

Thanks for reading everybody! Talk soon!