Spring It On

What a week it has been.

I took the title picture on Monday. Walking around the city I noticed so many window boxes and planters with all the spring things! Pansies, tulips, daffodils, hellebore- and parsley in this one! After all the rain we had this week these babies are going to flourish.

I am officially attending the International Floriculture Expo in Chicago this June. After the New England Floral Expo last month I have been antsy to get to another one. This expo is going to be huge! For two days I am going to immerse myself in learning new design techniques, business tips and meeting fellow designers and wholesalers. There will be some time where I get to adventure through one of my favorite cities as well (coming for you Giordanos).

Tomorrow I begin another super busy week. A new #BestDayEver post about one of my favorite summer weddings from last year. Lots of peonies and sunshine- most like this week! Doing the florals for a 50th birthday on Friday. And I will be ending the week smelling all of the Easter lilies on Sunday. Living the Russo Fab dream!

Talk soon. xoxo