#BestDayEver (Remix)

So, I am going to do this #BestDayEver post a little differently this week.

I had met with a bride early in the week to discuss flowers for her wedding this year and she is going with the elegant look of all white and cream blooms with lush greenery. My favorite thing is that in ALL my years doing this- no two weddings are the same. Ever.

So while typing out her proposal, I was looking for photos to send to her and I stumbled upon this wedding I did back in 2014. Very simple but I thought these pictures are too gorgeous not to share. These and the cover photo are from Trenholm Photo. Their centerpieces (not pictured) were all white using dendrobium orchids, hydrangeas and roses grouped together and sat above a clear rectangular vase with bear grass swirling inside. Very modern. It was exciting for me at the time because I never had designed arrangements like that before!

I'll have to find a good photo somewhere. I also need to make a note to take more photos of my work.

The bride's bouquet was the most simple- arranged with the perfectly staged, heavenly scented garden roses and silver dollar eucalyptus to collar. The groom wore a simple white ranunculus boutonniere to coordinate.



Zelermyer Perlman Wedding-Wedding-0037.jpg

Besides peonies making a grand appearance this week, I am psyched to announce that Russo Fabulous is an official business, baby! Details to what my services will include will be out soon. I am also working on something fabulous for folks who aren't looking for event flowers but still want to get their hands on some authentic Russo Fab designs!!

This weekend was action packed. I attended Anime Boston at the Hynes Convention Center because I love any excuse to dress up in costume. I put together a Lara Croft from Tomb Raider ensemble and it was a hit! I walked around all day, made new friends and drooled over amazing and creative costumes (favorite being an Always Sunny episode reference). Everyone there is the happiest and friendliest. I may have found my new hobby. After working all Sunday morning I went for a short run down Castle Island. The weather was beautiful after the yuck all week. Days like that feel so far in between now so I have to take advantage of them! **cough marathon in 7 weeks cough**

Seize the Monday and have the best day ever! Talk soon.