La Vie En Rose

Saturday night and all is right for Russo Fab. As I sit here and start typing out this entry I am listening to "La Vie En Rose" sang by Laura Fygi and letting my nails dry. To me, this is all the happiness in the world.

I never imagined starting a blog would be so much work. At the beginning of the week I reached out to photographers and brides to gather photos for a weekly post I plan on doing. Details coming next week- I am very excited! I have been making an effort to take more photos. Photographers- I salute you all! What you do takes talent and a great eye I have been trying so hard to take aesthetically pleasing pictures. Seriously considering taking a basic photography class. I enlisted in the help of my friend, Julie, to use her fancy camera in her fancy apartment to take some pics! Thank you Julie! And to make sure I do the blogging thing right I am trying to plan when to write to maintain consistency and keep you all looking forward to reading Russo Fab. I am an obsessive list writer so any topic that comes to mind I immediately grab my little notebook and start writing out blog entry ideas. It has been a busy week.

Tomorrow I am going to the Northeast Floral Expo. This will be my first expo I have attended as a guest! Years ago I competed in floral design competitions at the NEPC expos. Most recently I assisted my good friend at her floral booth in wedding expos. I am looking forward to meeting some folks in the industry, sitting in on any lectures and catching up with some familiar faces. I will take some (decent) photos and keep you all posted on my adventure!

I hope every one of you have a fabulous weekend and live your very best life. Stay warm. More Russo Fab to look forward to next week! Thank you!