"Its a marshmallow world in the winter"

I'm not going to say I'm over the snow because we've been lucky enough to have a decent winter. Remember those 60+ degree days? The only real bummer is it doesn't look like it'll be warmer than 40 for the rest of the week. I am "training" for a marathon (67 days) and all I need is snow to melt on my running paths so I can get back into it! I don't even mind the blistering cold. Running on a treadmill just stinks.

I hope you're all having one STELLA-VA SNOW DAY! Get it? Too much? I worked all morning and left my car parked in the garage to avoid shoveling. Since I have been home I refreshed all of my flower arrangements around the house and watered all of my plant babies. I also spent almost an hour trying to stage pretty photos for this entry.

Shot on my LG G4

Shot on my LG G4

^ That's all I got! I will be spending the rest of my night perusing that book and catching up on my New Yorkers. Actually one of my clients brought me in that book! How thoughtful!

It's a floral filled world for Russo Fab the rest of the week, slinging flowers and visiting my flower friends on Albany Street and in Chelsea. I plan on having a fun and fabulous rest of the week and I hope you all do as well.

Spread the Russo Fab word. Live only your best life!