First comes love

I remember the first flower arrangement I made. I was in high school and still super new to the floral game. After grabbing a premade bouquet from the salesfloor, I began to stress out trying to remember all the fundamentals Chief had taught me.

Start with greening the vase. Cut at an angle. Shoot. Did I put flower food in this? Is that even important?

My little arrangement was all white flowers mounded together in a clear glass bubble bowl. I was proud but still underwhelmed at my feat. A couple walked by and I asked them how they thought it looked. "Could use more color" the woman told me. I appreciated her honesty. It was at that moment I wanted to actually take this floral thing seriously and get good at it.

I am lucky I found my dream job (and soon realized I had a knack for it) at 16 years old. Fast forward twelve years later I am starting this blog to share my Russo Fabulous flower life with you all. My passion for flowers and interest in writing has brought me here. I want to share my experiences with folks looking for inspiration, want to learn something fun and new and/or who simply enjoy flowers. Cool, unique and exciting- Russo Fabulous will be your new go to 'lifestyle' blog.

I am beyond excited to see how Russo Fabulous will take off. We're in this together- so if you want to see something on Russo Fab, have questions, or just want to say hello please reach out to me! I make sure all of my clients leave happy. I want to be sure all my readers are happy too!